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The finished of Elmar’s cinnamon products are: Organic/ Conventional Cinnamon Stick 2.75”, Organic Cinnamon Ground 4% Oil Content min (2 times higher than Indonesian Cinnamon), Cinnamon Flat Bark and Organic Cinnamon Leaves for extracting Essential Oils.

Mr Lo Mang Cut is harvesting Organic Saigon Cinnamon Loureiroi in Van Chan district
And now the Saigon cinnamon market in Van Chan district has been quite active. ( ) . Moreover, the price of Saigon cinnamon bark is increasing dramatically.In May 2020, it is reaching more than 25,000 VND / kg of fresh bark.Van Chan people is now changing their jobs.They left industrial factories.And join to factories where dry, process, and pack Vietnam cassia for export.We, Elmar Trading & Productin Co Ltd has factory which recruited 50 skilled workers.Harvesting, peeling, drying, cutting, packing is activity in Cinnamon Section in our factory.
Mr Luy- a worker of Elmar Company is drying Saigon Cinnamon Loureiroi: fresh barks
Mr. Luy said: “Years before, many farmers would like to sell cinnamon but I did not take much because peeling Saigon cinnamon stick was done only in summer days, hot weather, without raining. And nowadays, the price of cinnamon has been going up. But buying raw cinnamon is more difficult than before.”
Especially, Saigon cinnamon in Van Chan exploitation is seasonal. Moreover, the best quality of Cinnamon is from the mature Saigon Cinnamon trees. Therefore, there are not much square of Saigon cinnamon are eligible for harvesting.
But almost every day there are traders coming to Van Chan to ask for buying Vietnam cinnamon. Mr. Hung, a local farmer, has more than 20 hectares of cinnamon, of which 5 hectares are 18 years old. Hence, traders come to see every day. Last year, the price of each hectare was 200 million VND (USD9000). And now, several traders are paying more than 400 million VND (USD18000) but he is not willing to sell.
Cinnamon trees have become more valuable.Hence, many growers chose Saigon cinnamon trees as a key to develop their lifes.
With the use of small cinnamon branches and cinnamon leaves to produce cinnamon essential oils, picking up of leaves and branches has been helping growers earn more income. ( ) . From 10 to 15 years of waiting to harvest the matural, thick barks, high oil content, now only 4 to 5 years people can harvest the leaves to sell for price of around 3,000 VND / kg.On the other hand, the cinnamon trunk (for building construction) is also valuable with the market price ranging from 2.5 to 3 million / m3.

Mr.Thanh, another farmer of Elmar partners, said: “Compared to other trees, cinnamon tree is more valuable.Because people can make money with Cinnamon leaves, Cinnamon Small Bark, Saigon Cinnamon Stick (the thick one, peeled skin), Cinnamon Trunk.This is reallly our tree of life”
Saigon cinnamon Loureiroi: packing for export
Relize the value and future of cinnamon development, Van Chan district pays more investment to encouraging growers to develop their farms of Vietnamese cassia. On the basis of the provincial agricultural restructuring plan, the Van Chan government officers have prepared a cinnamon development project in the 2020-2030 period.
Cinnamon has proven to be a tree with high valuable, with potential future. The Van Chan farmers are now satisfied to see their Cinnamon trees growing everyday, like their brighter future.
Up to now, Phong Du Thuong commune, Van Yen district, 274 farmers have registered to grow organic saigon cinnamon Loureiroi with area of over 200 hectares, in Lang Than, Lang Lang and Thuong Son, Khe Mang.
Same to Mr. ( ) . Lo Mang Cut’s thought about the cinnamon planting of the local people which is completely natural, Mr.Trieu Van Chac in Khe Mang village feels very happy to have this.6.9 of 10 hectares has been registered to make organic cinnamon.
Chac said he planted cinnamon as his 2 earlier generations did.He learnt the good and bad for Cinnamon trees from father and grand father.Organic cultivation - The changes are not much but make big different.

Lo Mang Cut said: “We make cinnamon natural, we make things better, higher quality, pure”.All people have benefit, protect the mother earth for next generations.The finsihed product of organic cinnamon can produce products as Organic cinnamon stick, Organic Saigon Cinnamon ground that can sell at high level.And Elmar Trading & Production is exporting these Organic Natural Cinnamon Vietnam to USA, EU, Mexico, Japan, etc.
From Mr. Mang Cut to Mr. Van Chac can be considered as a link between the generations and the hope for a better lifes. Like cinnamon forests, cinnamon hills keeps growing everyday.. We Elmar Company and The Phong Du Thuong people are confident, proud and wish to bring cinnamon trees to more and more countries in the world!
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